The Hotel Garza Bed and Breakfast in Post, Texas

Originally published in the January 1996 issue of the BMW MOA Owners News

  A. J. in front of the Hotel Garza                                         A. J. and Marlee

Although the Texas Panhandle may not be everyone's idea of the perfect ride, I discovered there are some interesting sights to see in this area if you just get out on the backroads and open your eyes.

On a recent trip roaming along the edge of the Caprock Escarpment, we made plans to stay at the Hotel Garza in Post, Texas. Post is located about 40 miles southeast of Lubbock on US Hwy. 84. Post was founded in 1907 by C. W. Post, the Cereal King. It was his planned Utopia.

The Hotel Garza, originally built in 1915, is undergoing restoration by its owners Jim, Janice, and Marlee Plummer. If you judge the quality of accommodations by the number of channels available on the TV, then this is not your place. If however, you enjoy staying where you are treated like a friend, then you have struck gold. My daughter Adrienne (A. J.) and Marlee immediately became fast friends, especially since at the time of our visit, they had each experienced their first two weeks of kindergarten. When we first arrived, Janice offered us iced tea, milk, coffee, etc. We began our riding days stuffing ourselves with the scrumptious breakfast Janice prepared. Six of the ten rooms have private baths. Since we booked three rooms, they gave us a 10% discount off the normal rate that wasn't much higher than a regular motel rate anyway. I especially enjoyed the library. It was very relaxing to sit in there and browse through old books that detailed some of the history of the Old West.

The Hotel Garza is located at 302 E. Main St. and their telephone number is (806) 495-3962.

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