BMW Motorcycles I've Owned

This was my first BMW. It was a 1977 R75/7 purchased new in August 1977. I painted the Windjammer SS fairing myself. Since it had a three inch wide Lester rear wheel running a tubeless tire, it was always fun trying to air up a new tire. Those MCM mufflers really sounded sweet.

A 1968 R60/2 with a Ural sidecar. The term underpowered was invented to describe this rig. But we had a blast on it everywhere we went. Just don't be in a big hurry. It's funny how people who wouldn't even look at you when you're on a regular bike, will wave and smile at you when you're riding a rig like this one. 

My 1982 R100RS. Without a doubt the most beautiful BMW I owned. With this bike, I made San Jose BMW rich. If they made it, I had to buy it. When we sold the sidecar rig, I almost bought a pair of Krauser 4-valve heads for it. Somehow, I managed to convince myself to put the money in the bank instead.

Of all my BMWs, I kept this K75S the longest. I picked it up on New Year's Eve 1986. 
I finally sold it in January 1994 after buying the R100GS the previous summer. I wanted Ashley to have a natural smile when I took this picture. So I told her to think about how Pavo looked doing a cannonball into the pool the night before in Llano.


My 1993 R100GS in front of a field of Bluebonnets on the Threadgill Creek Road in Mason County, Texas. I grew up riding mini bikes and small Japanese motorcycles on the gravel roads around my grandparent's farm. This bike brought back a lot of memories.


This 1996 R1100GS is my most versatile BMW yet. Here it is parked in front of the Shackleford County Courthouse in Albany, Texas. We were searching for an old suspension bridge near Fort Griffin that crossed the Brazos River. The R11 is all the things that were good about the old GS, only better. I think the most fun part of getting a new bike is adding the accessories to it that make it just the way you want it. I have a few goodies on the R1100GS; Staintune low-pipe, RS Bags & Trunk, Aeroflow windshield, Corbin seat, Jama engine guards, Scuff Protectors for the bags, Hand Protectors, and BMW Tank Bag. I recently added some Dick Cepek Driving Lights and Aerostich Tank Panniers.

My wife Sandra's first bike. We got it setup just right for her and then we sold it.

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